Invasive ventilator

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Medical ventilator has always been an indispensable medical device in hospital. With the development and spread of COVID-19, the importance of ventilator becomes more and more prominent. Ventilator can be divided into 2 categories: invasive ventilator and non-invasive ventilator. Non-invasive ventilator is mainly used for patients who are more sober and have spontaneous breathing. While invasive ventilator is usually suitable for patients with acute respiratory failure. DOING HOLDINGS mainly provides invasive ventilators, which can greatly relieve the breathing difficulties and low blood oxygen level of peoples hospitalized with COVID-19, so as to improve the rescue rate of critically ill patients.

invasive ventilatorInvasive ventilator

The working principle of invasive ventilator:

Invasive ventilator is mainly an artificial mechanical ventilation device. It is used to assist or control the patient's spontaneous breathing movement to achieve the function of gas exchange in the lung which can reduce the consumption of the human body and facilitate the recovery of respiratory function. The use of invasive ventilator can effectively prevent acute respiratory failure and reduce complications to save and prolong the lives of patients.

The parameter of invasive ventilator:

Invasive ventilatorThe parameter of invasive ventilator

The features of invasive ventilator:

1. Quick installation and ready to use after starting which can shorten the waiting and preparation time before first aid. It can be used the whole process from first-aid scene, ambulance, emergency room to ward.

2. A variety of breathing modes, monitoring a variety of breathing parameters, real-time display of pressure waveforms, data support for medical staff.

3. It has a quick card slot, which can be quickly and easily stuck into mobile carts, emergency vehicles, etc.

4. Multifunctional application: suitable for children and adults weighing more than 20kg. Designed for your needs in any place, suitable for many emergency and transfer occasions such as ambulances, surgical operating rooms, intensive care units, emergency rooms, etc.

5. The screen is separate from invasive ventilator which can effectively reduce the chance of infection.

6. Multiple ventilation modes, multiple alarm functions, multiple status indications, LCD color screen display, complete configuration of first aid accessories, microcomputer control, pneumatic electronic control, pressure limitation, time switching, compact appearance of the host, compact structure, light weight, Compact design, easy to control and operate.

In the challenging ICU environment or in the emergency department, you need a safe and reliable invasive ventilator to provide the best treatment for patients. Intuitive equipment is conducive to improving work efficiency, and can provide more direct treatment for patients. If necessary, please call us.

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