Are masks effective against the coronavirus disease?

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When against the coronavirus disease, many people have questions about wearing masks. Are wearing masks effective against the coronavirus disease? Through the practical experience of China against the coronavirus disease, the answer is yes.

At the beginning of the coronavirus disease outburst, the professor Zhong(Zhong Nanshan) urged all the people to wear masks if going out shopping for necessities, and then when came back, the clothes and shoes must be sterilized and wash face and hands. If there is nothing urgent, people must stay at home. At the same time, all the citys and villages were blocked, to stop people's movement during different areas, for decreasing the likelihood of coronavirus disease transmission.

wearing masksThe people wearing masks to be on duty

After the professor Zhong gave his solutions, you can saw the host on TV, the people interviewed on the news, the people on the road all wore masks. Wearing masks can not only help prevent yourself from getting the coronavirus disease, but also stop the spread of the coronavirus disease to others if you have infected.

Then do you know which kind of mask you should wear? Common face masks have three kinds: Disposable medical face mask, medical surgical mask and N95/KN95 medical protective mask. As long as using medical masks, it is effective in preventing the spread of the coronavirus disease.

medical masksDoctors and nurses wearing masks

Relatively speaking, the filtration effect of N95/KN95 medical protective mask is higher than that of disposable medical face mask, medical surgical mask, which is suitable for medical workers wearing, especially for those doctors and nurses who take care the patients. Common people can wear disposable medical face mask and medical surgical mask to prevent the spread of the coronavirus disease.

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